Embracing & Balancing Parenthood

Embracing parenthood would never been so difficult but this pandemic creates a situation where parenting becomes more a moment of struggle than a moment of blessings & giggles. Balancing Parenthood while working from home becomes a huge task. Only appropriate nutritional food, can’t contribute in overall development of children particularly toddlers for them we need to be there always. Mischievous & fun activities draw their attentions a lot. Taking care of children without letting them embrace their childhood in the absence of glimpse of nature, a long ride, their joyful moments of playing alongside their peers making them feel not only restricted but also somewhere letting their shine of happiness dull and somewhere increase the amt. of stress of working parents as well. Restricted movements and preventive measures increase the struggle of parents multiple times. Our toddlers have ample of backup Ideas to free themselves, so why not we engage with them or engage them in more constructive activities letting them explore more in small space.

Introducing new ideas and activities able to attract their attention and contribute well in developing diff. skills which also kept them away from involving in mischievous activities. Role Play toys, art and craft kits, blocks, play dough, puzzle, Interactive toys, will enhance their motor-skills & learning skills. As much as they explore, it would let them grow faster. Let see how these bunch of goodies help us to bring back little joys in life of our munchkins.

Dramatic play:  These include role play sets like Doctors set, Construction tool set, Kitchen set as it not only play an important role in their emotional quotient development but aware about the role as well as usage of those tools/toys.

Art and Craft kit: These types of kits include colourful papers, glue, how to do it book and other craft material to enhance their ability to create and learn. On the other side children can also go for messy with their colours, now a day’s lot of colouring sets are available which are non- hazardous.

Blocks & Lego’s: Blocks and Lego’s can aids special awareness as well as enhance their logical skills, mathematical skills and new ideas which in turn enhance their mental horizon. 

Puzzles: For Competitive and IQ development puzzles play an active role such as Number Puzzle, Jigsaw Puzzle, putting the blocks etc. It also assists in developing children’s Organising skill.

Musical/Interactive toys: Toys Including Xylophone, musical toys, toy piano and drum etc. enhance their hearing ability as well as ability to identify different sounds.

Play dough: Clay, lime and sand enhance the ability of child to create as they go messy with it and fill them with the enthusiasm to create something new. It also increases their sensory and kinetic abilities.

Picture Books: Picture books with Pictures of alphabets, body-parts, Numbers also aids in learning ability at early stage as new images draw attentions of toddlers.

All of these not only assist in overall development of child but also utilise their energy towards something productive, which also assist parents to keep their children engaged most of the time. This will not only let parents perform their daily routine schedule on time but also able them to work from home with less hustle. After all at the end of the day we want see cheerful faces of our children chirping safely and happily at home.

Do share any fun activities you enjoy with your toddlers, remembering those blissful days, would love to hear from you guys.

Till then take care and stay safe


Flying All Alone

All alone in infinite sky

full of emotions dark or white

sometimes heavy sometimes light

Strong wings long flight

Just the notion wings are strong

nobody cares what went wrong

what makes a long flight

Pleasurable & Peaceful all alone

asked by wind, you hard bone

closely I observed where was I defeat

minutely I check, where I put my feet

Stay Calm and aim to Fly

Now I know what they imply

COVID Times: Generation C

It all started from 1 day complete lockdown to one month than three and than a life full of restrictions where govt first step was to ensure safety of citizen by breaking the chain and distancing measures to ensure “prevention” as cure takes times to be found out.

In crucial times of Covid-19, all of us are going through lots of up n downs some times its seems to be crucial and stiff, sometimes it is downpour of emotions where in its 2nd year vaccination jump into the scenario as ray of hope but COVID times makes us Generation C how lets have look:

  • Control:  Now a days we keep our habits more under our control. We have put check on junk food and try to keep it healthy and more homely whenever our taste buds tickles. Home remedies are now more prevalent than ever despite of taking pill. We are more inclined towards the preventive measures rather taking curative measures.
  • Cleanliness: I have never seen cleansing measure to be taken at such good rate which is very much essential even if we are going through common times. Sanitization and cleanliness maintained even at small shops and hotels are praise worthy. Come on, We need that much amt of cleanliness in regular routine too.
  • Communication and connectivity: Coping with real times, now a days social media not only become the medium for awareness but also a medium to serve the facilities and emergent needs as this bigger platform ensures the communication and connectivity upto a level that needful get the assistance timely. More people volunteers for not only becoming the medium but also the source of great help.
  • Culinary Arts: So culinary arts come to the rescue providing low cost or free foods to the sufferers. People not only volunteers but with their culinary skills are providing free and home cooked food to the patients or the sufferers away from their family.
  • Come Together: As a family and friends we come together and giving situation atough fight holding each other hand, assisting home chores while balancing work from home taking care of our children and Parents. Don’t know how much our bosses makes us feel low on efficiency but as a person we become more efficient.
  • Chorus: Earlier we have seen chorus in music industry but now our  family become the chorus ensuring we have put mask, sanitize our hands and goods brought from outside and social distancing.
  • Around the clock: So we work around the clock , meetings and calls moves likely from minutely to hourly hand but being at home it become bearable most of times.
  • Check on cheques: Although covid times put check on entertainment and life style patterns but the check on cheques somewhere led to increase in our saving that we always dreamt of.

Cheers to the little moments of happiness and ray of hopes in this COVID times. So guys stay healthy, happy and hopefull but more cheerful as at these times we can’t afford being positive. Be aware in general , let rumours nip in the bud and become the supporters of our COVID Warriors.

Thanks for stopping by and giving it a read.


Ahmiyat (Importance )

One for the sunshine I have- cum-light of our hearts-cum-buddy bhai-cum-Mechanical Engineer😄

Janamdin par tumhare liye Kuch shabd

Kuch shabd mujhe kharidne padey

Jeevansangini ne tumhare bohat umdaa likhe

Isliye mere mujhe Kuch fekey lagey

Isliye mujhe Kuch shabd kharidne padey

Tumhey detey hue hichkichahat nahi hui

Kyun ki behatareen they vo likhey hue

Likin puchney par tumahrey mujhe ye

Ahsas hua

Fekey nahi hotey vo likhey hue

Kyun ki tumahrey liye hote vo likhe hue

Tarazu main tum pyar nahi toltey

Bas zyada nahi tum boltey.

P.S Birthday nikal gya but this time words come from fountain Pen, couldn’t be erased like words on notes even if I throw a glass of water. Bless you 😄

On your birthday I had to purchase few words for you because your sweet wifey wrote so well and I felt I can’t write even few good words. Than I purchased certain words for you but when you asked had have you written these and my confession I can’t able to write as good as your wifey had written for you, make me realise
that my words were not in race they were simply important .

The Anonymous

Hi, Folks.

Hoping your December is studded with star angel🌠, Good wishes and cold mornings ❄that you shush away with scarfs ⛄& that coffee ☕ you share with your loved ones😊.

I know it’s been a long time, I didn’t post 📃anything … so guys with my due appolgies here,I come with my new post. A Post in which I’m going to share few anonymous fact about an Indian city 🌇that is called as Detroit of India “Chennai”.

Chennai, which is located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal also famed as the “Gateway to South India,” is capital of Tamil Nadu state, in southern India.

India got independence in 1947, after that Chennai became the capital of madras state. On July 17, 1969 Madras state was renamed as state of Tamil Nadu. On July 1996, the city known as Madras was officially renamed as Chennai.

The first ever flag of Independent India was hoisted at Fort St. George & is stored in the third floor of the fort Museum in city.

Fort St. George was completed on 23 April 1644. Which was coincidentally celebrated as St. George Day in England. So fort was named after their Patron Saint. Built at the cost of £ 3,000.

During WORLD WAR I, German Light Cruiser ‘SMS Emden’ on 22 September 1914, attacked an oil depot in Madras, Which demolished the shipping🚢 lanes in the Indian Ocean causing interruption to🚢 shipping. Madras was the only Indian city which was attacked during WORLD WAR I.

Madras 🚣Boat Club, which is over 140 years old, built in 1867. Records shows that the club was started in the backwaters of River Ennore and later, in 1892, the club was moved to its present location on the banks of the River Adyar. It is the second oldest surviving Indian rowing club.

Governed By👮

Chennai City is governed by the Greater Chennai Corporation 🏢(Formerly Corporation of Madras) which was established in 1688. It is the oldest surviving municipal corporation in India and the second oldest surviving Corporation in the world.

The American Consulate in Chennai is one of the top adjudication posts in the world and the number one in processing employment based Visas. It was ranked among the top globally🌐 in issuing ‘L’ and ‘H’ category visas for workers and Professionals and was ranked 8th globally in terms of all category of visas being issued.

Chennai is base to around 40 percent of India’s automobile 🚘industry and 45 percent of auto components industry. Chennai thus earning it the Nickname “Detroit of India”.

Chennai is classified as a Global city by GaWC, with a ranking of Beta based on the extent of Global reach and financial Influence. Close to 400 financial Industry Businesses are headquartered in the city.

Chennai is an important gold Market in India contributing to 45 percent of the 800-tonne annual national uptake. City is also the base to the World Gold Council’s India operation.

Madras Crocodile🐊 Bank Trust is a herpetology research station, which is India’s leading institution for herpeto faunal Conservation and the first crocodile breeding centre in Asia.

Chennai is home to the first European Style banking system in India With establishment of the Madras Bank 🏦on June 21,1683 century before the establishment of the first commercial banks such as Bank of Hindustan and the General Bank🏦 of India.

City houses the permanent back office of the World Bank🏦, which is one of the largest buildings owned by the bank outside its headquarter in Washington DC.

Gosh! So, much this metropolitan city hold in itself, you may be wondering why I didn’t mention about “Marina Beach” 🏄the second longest natural urban beach 🏄in the world that spans 6 km because after work I really need a walk alongside this beach and enjoying myself. So, it needed to be captured in a picture rather mentioning in words. Hope you guys were having a good time too and don’t forget to visit chennai ,it holds much more to explore than my small post.

Bubyee and Thanks! for giving it a moment. 😊


Sitting on her sofa with coffee☕ mug in one hand and scrolling mail📩 from another, Sandra was truly stressed because of her editing job. While scrolling a mail 📩of best wishes pops upon her laptop screen, quite old it was may be month or two. She replied thanks with good wishes but in few seconds a mail 📩pop-up on her screen. And two strangers fall into a conversation📞.

Lady, I’m Danish ; live in Dallas. Though they appreciate each other News articles 📝and blog work things but were remain to the point of appreciation. But today both of them found themselves in casual conversation that longs for quite good hours. Sandra and Danish talk about their Articles and ideas they wrote for newspapers📰…a light conversation proves stress buster for Sandra.

After a while that conversation goes a bit deeper. Sandra got to know more about Danish his struggle, Instabilities in life that he wants to overcome, his interests but she was quite impressed with his one liners and handling conversation maturiliy . Danish found Sandra quite defensive on the other hand, he got to learn about her fear, emotional struggle she was going through but felt Astonished After knowing her love ❤for books📖 and when he ask suggestion…she send him a long list of books📖…Poor fellow 😆and their conversation goes on. She felt lord put his hand on her and all her struggle got vanish in a while. She discover her old-self. Both was feeling light, happy and alive😇

But then she realises she left her work in between and she bid farewell. Someone was quite irritated with that, Who? Sandra’s cat😺”strange creatures humans👤 are who awake till midnight”😾.

Yes, We humans 👥are strange creatures. We just wanted to be heard without any judgement sometimes. Want to talk about our fears, struggling emotions, relationships, passions , interests and Love to share a small happiness and when these are heard specifically by stranger👥. we felt good because all that struggling emotions and fear bid farewell with the exit of that stranger.

So, let’s be more Sensitive and less Judgemental about people 👥… Than life become more easy and Uplifting.🌼🌼

Thanks for stopping by…



Meri Kalam..

Abh meri kalam kahin ruk si gayi hai

Thami Thami si vo

Lafzon Ko vo bhul si gayi hai

Kabhi syahi sang vo muskurati thi

Pannon main Kuch chupati thi

Khamoshi main Khayalon sang Gungunati thi

Gungunati geet gati, kuch chahkti thi

Na jaaney vo syahi kahan gum ho gayi

Aur Meri kalam Khamosh si ho gayi

Thanks for stopping by and reading


One From My Book 📖 Day-2

Better to be hunter than the hunted, Even if you’re hunting for yourself”.

This one I read from my Favorite book 📖called” A Monster Calls” By Patrick Ness.

What I really think about this quote

Becoming that hunter makes us to explore more about ourself, People and life. Somewhat like scuba diving we go deep down and explore. Explore fear, depth, darkness, different beings, feeling those rays which fall upon ourself. Life is all about becoming new wave with every passing tide. As tides are Intractions and waves are formed. Becoming a new wave we explore life and live our life with new vision,Moments pass like ripples . But We are always thankful to that wave that knowingly, Unknowingly Boost our morale and clear our vision to move further in life. At some point of time taking those big steps makes you freeze, Even we put step forward to rise and raise ourself but we regret some times because emotions ‘n’ Thoughts are in the state of war but still instead of hunted we have to be hunter.

What’s your take, don’t forget to share…love to hear them from you.

Till then Take Care😊


Oh I’m Mess “Write” 📝Now

Sometimes Situations-Emotions’n’ Thoughts tangled up, Entangling them create more Chaos and sorting them out put you on diversion.

Ticking clock on my wall

Minute hand makin’Call

Buck-up ” work upon yourself”

Dream new

Expect a few

Much for you on shelf

Confusion, Diversion

Being numb with blurr vision

Holdin’ my coffee ☕ mug lookin’ outside my window

It’s just for a while your thoughts were paralysed kiddo’

All outside the window is the Sunshine🌞

Hold something Interesting somewhat like ‘Red Wine’🍷

Munch those Fries🍟

Go for that Mysterious ride🚡

Felt that Pain took Pride

All what you lost

Doesn’t belong your thought’s cost

Live and laugh…………..love

It’s only that mean all above

Sometime it’s good to write for yourself. After all you’re part of this Universe and dear, “universe vested every single being with power of being their own superhero”. So, love ” keep falling for yourself in every single moment of this challenging life no one can better love you, as much as you can”.

If you feel the need just Humm for yourself😄, “Insane idea” but trust me it really feels good.

What am I humming today it’s ‘John legend’, “All of Me”. So, what you guy’s love to Humm for yourself do let me know in comments below…..



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