Chai ki Pyali – Cup of tea

Subaha Maa ki Hidayaaton k Sang Kabhi Kabhi babuji ki Nasihaton k sang, Sham Ko doston ki baaton k sang hoti, Chai ki Vo Pyali kissey kahaniyon vali hoti, ………… ………. …………… -Maa ki awaaz Kuch zyada hi Mehakti Sardiyon Main Vo Pyali Gud k Sang Milti Tulsi aur Saunf Thandak dur hai rakhti, Subah […]

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I spill my colours and let my ideality run wild, Capturing the fragile and painting the mild, In few minutes my ideality goes beyond light years, For that your rocket science takes so many years, Dawning probably sunbirth, With my colours I wander earth, I took, dive under the sea In the woods I flee […]

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In Woods For Woods

In cluster of pinewoods pleasant silence was prevailing, can’t fathom the deep peace my heart felt probably It was healing, Whole lot of butterflies wondering everywhere , Ariose chirping reaching out for me was so dear, Awaking the souls of the woods for a new day Without any delay Standing in between those woods wonderin’ […]

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My granny in that big hat, Glasses on her nose and little fat, Her Eyes are twinkling stars🌟 Love for her has no bars, One day ice cream🍦 vendor was yelling on road, Lanes at that time wasn’t so broad, I bellow”Granny” from the lane, leaving my pebbles there I ran towards my home like […]

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Dharaa ki Roshini

Kuch pal dur he sahi ujala Hai to Magar, Kathin bhi hai,lambi bhi, Zindagi ki Dagar, Ugatey Suraj ki lalima, Jeevan ujjwal karti hai, Toh Dharaa bahein faila us jeevan Ko samait leti hai, Dharaa pe pushp khil jatey Hain, Suraj ki kiranon se jab mil jaatey Hain, Rang Dharaa ke aur bhi roshan ho […]

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Ever seen those flowers blooming with grace Embellish earth with their presence, pop-up at anyplace Whether blooming on land Or on the marshy lowland In forests or on the hills Their own kind of beauty spills Differ in their fragrance Differ in their shape and colour Their existence to other didn’t bother Bee’s and butterflies […]