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Hi, Folks.

Hoping your December is studded with star angel🌠, Good wishes and cold mornings ❄that you shush away with scarfs ⛄& that coffee ☕ you share with your loved ones😊.

I know it’s been a long time, I didn’t post 📃anything … so guys with my due appolgies here,I come with my new post. A Post in which I’m going to share few anonymous fact about an Indian city 🌇that is called as Detroit of India “Chennai”.

Chennai, which is located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal also famed as the “Gateway to South India,” is capital of Tamil Nadu state, in southern India.

India got independence in 1947, after that Chennai became the capital of madras state. On July 17, 1969 Madras state was renamed as state of Tamil Nadu. On July 1996, the city known as Madras was officially renamed as Chennai.

The first ever flag of Independent India was hoisted at Fort St. George & is stored in the third floor of the fort Museum in city.

Fort St. George was completed on 23 April 1644. Which was coincidentally celebrated as St. George Day in England. So fort was named after their Patron Saint. Built at the cost of £ 3,000.

During WORLD WAR I, German Light Cruiser ‘SMS Emden’ on 22 September 1914, attacked an oil depot in Madras, Which demolished the shipping🚢 lanes in the Indian Ocean causing interruption to🚢 shipping. Madras was the only Indian city which was attacked during WORLD WAR I.

Madras 🚣Boat Club, which is over 140 years old, built in 1867. Records shows that the club was started in the backwaters of River Ennore and later, in 1892, the club was moved to its present location on the banks of the River Adyar. It is the second oldest surviving Indian rowing club.

Governed By👮

Chennai City is governed by the Greater Chennai Corporation 🏢(Formerly Corporation of Madras) which was established in 1688. It is the oldest surviving municipal corporation in India and the second oldest surviving Corporation in the world.

The American Consulate in Chennai is one of the top adjudication posts in the world and the number one in processing employment based Visas. It was ranked among the top globally🌐 in issuing ‘L’ and ‘H’ category visas for workers and Professionals and was ranked 8th globally in terms of all category of visas being issued.

Chennai is base to around 40 percent of India’s automobile 🚘industry and 45 percent of auto components industry. Chennai thus earning it the Nickname “Detroit of India”.

Chennai is classified as a Global city by GaWC, with a ranking of Beta based on the extent of Global reach and financial Influence. Close to 400 financial Industry Businesses are headquartered in the city.

Chennai is an important gold Market in India contributing to 45 percent of the 800-tonne annual national uptake. City is also the base to the World Gold Council’s India operation.

Madras Crocodile🐊 Bank Trust is a herpetology research station, which is India’s leading institution for herpeto faunal Conservation and the first crocodile breeding centre in Asia.

Chennai is home to the first European Style banking system in India With establishment of the Madras Bank 🏦on June 21,1683 century before the establishment of the first commercial banks such as Bank of Hindustan and the General Bank🏦 of India.

City houses the permanent back office of the World Bank🏦, which is one of the largest buildings owned by the bank outside its headquarter in Washington DC.

Gosh! So, much this metropolitan city hold in itself, you may be wondering why I didn’t mention about “Marina Beach” 🏄the second longest natural urban beach 🏄in the world that spans 6 km because after work I really need a walk alongside this beach and enjoying myself. So, it needed to be captured in a picture rather mentioning in words. Hope you guys were having a good time too and don’t forget to visit chennai ,it holds much more to explore than my small post.

Bubyee and Thanks! for giving it a moment. 😊

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    1. Yes, it is Roth. When you see the rising sun it makes you feel like some positivity is rising in you as well, may be I’m exaggerating my point but it really makes me feels the way I tell you.

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    1. Sure Dear😊

      I Got Married few months ago and moved to new city..

      So, I do read post but can’t able to post, while adjusting myself in hugger mugger of new innings.

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      1. Hey that’s nice to know that you got married. Wish you a very happy married life ahead. May this new beginning bring enormous happiness in your life… 🎉💯👍 Blessings 🙏

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      1. You’re right about the pause. I respect that. Hope you’re back with your amazing right-ups like before. Eagerly waiting to read your work!
        My life is good. Some days are mediocre, some exciting. Thanks for asking😄

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  1. Badhiya hai … Mujhe facts aur General knowledge इत्तु सा भी ना याद होता ना ही आता 😭😭😂😂😂

    चेन्नई से हो मतलब आप ..

    हमे CSK पसंद Hail Lt Col M.S Dhoni❤😍😍

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    1. Array nahi doc. Sahab Haryana se hun bas chennai bohat pasand aur bas padtey hain iskey barey main jab moka lag jaye…..but Dhoni bina CSK bhi pasand hai unki ranniti bohat achi hoti hain.👍

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