Chotti chotti khushiyan (Small Happiness )

Chotti Chotti khushiyon

Ke Milne par bhi main, khush ho jaati hoon

Khwaheshon k raastey bohat Lambey hain,

Chaltey Chaltey Kabhi sahas tutney lagey toh

Un khushiyon Ko mud ke dekh leti hun,

Rasta lamba he sahi

Dagar Kathin he sahi,

Sahas Adig rahe isliye mud k un khushiyon

Ko dekh leti hoon

Chamakti hai Vo un tamgon ki tarah

Jinhe maine Kabhi hasil kara tha,

Unkey aagey bhi mera darr hara tha,

Aaj bhi Mukabala mere sahas aur

is Kathin Dagar k Beech main hain,

Lekin yeh Kathin Dagar bhi haseen hai

Inhi main toh mujhe meri

Chotti chotti khushiyan milti hain😊


Achieving Small Happiness even makes me happy, But Journey of life full of wishes is quite long and intricate for that I have to strive hard.While on my journey sometimes,I got knock down but than I look upon those happy Moments/Achievements that are like medals. So, what my ways are bit longer and harder….when I look upon those moments and achievements they hold my hand tight and makes me to believe in myself that” I can” and letting myself to defeat my fears. Now at this point of life the Competition is between my strengths and Intricate wishful Journey of life but still this Intricate long journey is beautiful because in those ways of life that small achievements resides.😊

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Love happens when

Like an ink I fill life

in you my fountain Pen,

It’s, me the bubbly that jumps in you

You confess that I do,

Like Brightest star you fill my life with so much

Happiness and shine

It’s our 4th and seems perfect red wine

It always your heart I fell for but I think

But was the Pit (dimples)I keep falling in

You took chance and steal my chocolate

But you are the sweetest written in my fate

It’s your hair I drooled over’n’ over

Luminous eyes always like stary night that gaze over

Drenched in your love my heart flare

Yeah! It dazzle and Glare

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Destiny so dark,Shadows were hauling
Creepy thoughts kept crawling

So fearful I’m, forget about window far

Thumping’n’ pushing a wall so far

Will and endeavours were about to sink

A window got open in a blink

Strong wind thwaked above window

I pick my pieces, run for that window

I fall in flurry, it’s a ladder here

Pick and took that ladder, my destiny there

Step by step I was rising up

Everytime I slip but I step up

Unable to reach till last, felt so fed up

It’s the 7th time I rise and step up

My ladder tremble this time,

Hit the floor So hard my ladder got

broken in mean time

Tears welled up in my eyes

Window, that ladder doesn’t belong

to my destiny I cry

cool breeze & rays were creeping

I pick myself with ribbs,aching

Banged with force took a chance

Otherwise dark Shadows would be my penance

Eventually that was a door

Those breeze & rays touches my inner soul

Like what tides makes to sea shores

Happiness and glee in eyes was in excess

A breath of freedom with touch of success.

Some times we need a big fall to succeed…

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Chai ki Pyali – Cup of tea

Subaha Maa ki Hidayaaton k Sang

Kabhi Kabhi babuji ki Nasihaton k sang,

Sham Ko doston ki baaton k sang hoti,

Chai ki Vo Pyali kissey kahaniyon vali hoti,

………… ………. ……………

-Maa ki awaaz Kuch zyada hi Mehakti

Sardiyon Main Vo Pyali Gud k Sang Milti

Tulsi aur Saunf Thandak dur hai rakhti,

Subah ki Vo Pyali Maa ki Hidayaaton k Sang milti,

…………. ………. …………….

– Der raat parikshaon ki jab tayari hoti,

Babuji ki Vo bitiya jab jaag rahi hoti,

Thodi Kadak Vo adrak k sang,

Babuji ki Der raat Nasihaton k sang,

Chai ki vo pyali aati,

………….. …………. ……………

– Chai ki Pyali yunhi Nahi Mehakti

Kuch zyka Ilaichi, laung ka

Kuch lehazah doston ki baaton ka,

Canteen main Vo samoson ki sang chahkti,

Chai ki vo pyali yunhi Nahi Mehakti

………… ………… …………….

Ab na Vo Subah, Na ab Vo Sham hoti hai,

Chai ki Pyali ab Vo teabag vali hoti hai,

Array! Dost yeh teabag vali Chai kahan chahkti hai…

Parosi hi daftar ki filon k sang jaati hai,

Sometimes with mum’s advice, Sometimes with dad’s tips Sometimes with friends and their Gossips.My tea was brewed with tales and stories

Mum’s wake up call for Mornings, with her voice spills the sweet aroma. In winter my mum brew it with jaggery. With basil and Anniseed it keeps cold away was her sweet advice. During Exam late night whenever I was preparing for my exams, dad brew it with ginger and it is bit strong, served with tips for my exams. After classes, In Canteen it was brewed with cardamom and cloves, served with Samosas (Indian Snacks) and gossips of my friends. That’s why I think from where it get its aroma and better taste. Now, it’s neither that morning…. Nor that evening. Now I have a cup with teabag, Oh, my friend this tea with teabag didn’t have that dancing aroma as it is served with office files….

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I spill my colours and let my ideality run wild,

Capturing the fragile and painting the mild,

In few minutes my ideality goes beyond light years,

For that your rocket science takes so many years,

Dawning probably sunbirth,

With my colours I wander earth,

I took, dive under the sea

In the woods I flee

Paint flowers probably here they are grown

I capture birds but they never frown

My colours illuminates and celebrate

Bring happiness and let the gloomiest moment eliminate

A dew drop that can spill if you touch, I can hold that tight

Without having a tough fight

Some times I paint the fragile

With all my Imperfections I paint in a while.

With all my Imperfections I paint these roses, for a while I hope I would be able to capture their fragility too😉😄😄so I just dip my fingers in colours and paint them…but Almighty works really hard I must say😄. Guys does my colours able to capture somewhat I was hoping. Do tell me😊

Perky 😊

In Woods For Woods

In cluster of pinewoods pleasant silence was prevailing,

can’t fathom the deep peace my heart felt probably

It was healing,

Whole lot of butterflies wondering everywhere ,

Ariose chirping reaching out for me was so dear,

Awaking the souls of the woods for a new day

Without any delay

Standing in between those woods wonderin’

How Bland, are Sun rays those are reachin’

I reached the cliff where rays were creepin’

Majesty Brook holding happiness was flowin’

Open my arms and mild breeze touch my pores

Like tides touching the sea shores,

Calm and composed that moment was,

So divine it was,

Daisy, daffodils in cluster everywhere

Serenity prevails only here

little squirrel was collecting nuts

She can collect but In my life I can’t 😉

Sudden wild winds makes me to rush,

was in need of some wood,

For approaching autumns, some fire wood is good

Approaching wild winds with little rainfall makes me to remind myself how Bland Sun rays hold importance in my life.

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My granny in that big hat,

Glasses on her nose and little fat,

Her Eyes are twinkling stars🌟

Love for her has no bars,

One day ice cream🍦 vendor was yelling on road,

Lanes at that time wasn’t so broad,

I bellow”Granny” from the lane, leaving my pebbles there

I ran towards my home like hare,

She was baffled 😯with my voice,

What happen my dear😦?

Granny! Granny!! Ice cream vendor on the cart,

Spare me a penny he didn’t went so far,

No, Not now

Climbing on her shoulder my sweetest Granny

Sweetie! I am not going to spare you a single penny,

I ran into my room holding a grudge,

Smells delicious, umm my 😄favourite chocolate fudge

Granny,”My little girl come here”

Delicious smell till spills everywhere

Went in the kitchen, Grandpappy give me a nudge,

Lucky girl She prepared for you your favourite chocolate fudge,

My eyes welled up😢 with so much emotions, I embrace granny,

You are the sweetest😍 you know na! Granny,

Climbing on her shoulder,My sweetest Granny

Grandparents are truly sweetest of all the family members. They fill your soul with lots of goodness and love.There experiences empowers our thoughts. Truly earth angels they are😊

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Dharaa ki Roshini

Kuch pal dur he sahi ujala Hai to Magar,

Kathin bhi hai,lambi bhi, Zindagi ki Dagar,

Ugatey Suraj ki lalima, Jeevan ujjwal karti hai,

Toh Dharaa bahein faila us jeevan Ko samait leti hai,

Dharaa pe pushp khil jatey Hain,

Suraj ki kiranon se jab mil jaatey Hain,

Rang Dharaa ke aur bhi roshan ho jaatey Hain,

Jab chand ki roshini se Nisha aur Dharaa ujjwal ho jaatey Hain,

Yunh toh Nisha ki pass sitare hain,

Magar Dharaa apne jugnuon se khush hai,

khush hai ki Vo jeetey jagtey hain,

Dilchasp kissey sunatey hain,

Kabhi pass hotey hain, Kabhi dur hotey hain,

Paida he roshan honey ki liye hotey hain,

Khud ujjala ban apni jeevan Dagar roshan karte hain,

Andhera kitna bhi ho Mayoos nahi hotey,

Sitare toh bas muskuratey hain,

Par Dharaa ke jugnun dilchasp kissey sunate hain,

Jeevan ki raah batlatey hain.

There is light some moments far, quite intricate and long paths of life are . Dawning provokes new energy and light in life that earth embrace with open arms.Flowers begin to bloom when sun rays come to meet them.Colours of earth become more bright when moon light makes night and earth illuminating. Though nights have stars for her illumination but earth is happy with her fire flies, as they are living beings and told interesting stories to her.Some times they are far, sometimes they are near.They are born to illuminate. Become light of their own life and enlightens their own path.They never got ditrude/disheartened knowing how dark the night is. Stars just smiles but fireflies they illuminate their path of life and told vivid, interesting stories to earth that makes them light of earth ( Dharaa ki roshini)😊

I am truly fond of firelies, this is just a reflection of that….Unable to catch them but surely I can jott down my fondness about them. What you guys are fond of do comment below😊

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