Meri Kalam..

Abh meri kalam kahin ruk si gayi hai Thami Thami si vo Lafzon Ko vo bhul si gayi hai Kabhi syahi sang vo muskurati thi Pannon main Kuch chupati thi Khamoshi main Khayalon sang Gungunati thi Gungunati geet gati, kuch chahkti thi Na jaaney vo syahi kahan gum ho gayi Aur Meri kalam Khamosh si […]

One From My Book 📖 Day-2

“Better to be hunter than the hunted, Even if you’re hunting for yourself”. This one I read from my Favorite book 📖called” A Monster Calls” By Patrick Ness. What I really think about this quote Becoming that hunter makes us to explore more about ourself, People and life. Somewhat like scuba diving we go deep […]

Daddy’s love

Darling Daughter, I have never heard single world of praise from you. Dear Daddy you aren’t meant for praise, you are meant for love. Holding your love in one hand and a diamond in another. Your warmth always enclose by heart. Dad diamond would be sold in misery and left me empty handed but your […]


Kuch Purana sa mujhe yaad aaya…This one is regarding old childhood day’s of mine, while living in small town of a big country called India and now dealing with adulthood days. Wind on her ways touches the land while sweet sunrays were used to fall on earth after being filtered through the branches of trees,can […]


One from my book is the another set of Post which I’m going to include in my blogging Journey from today. Somewhat from my awesome books I took a dive in.Hope you guys like them as well like my other posts. THE DESIRE FOR MORE POSITIVE EXPERIENCE IS ITSELF A NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE. AND, PARADOXICALLY, THE […]

Chai ki Pyali – Cup of tea

Subaha Maa ki Hidayaaton k Sang Kabhi Kabhi babuji ki Nasihaton k sang, Sham Ko doston ki baaton k sang hoti, Chai ki Vo Pyali kissey kahaniyon vali hoti, ………… ………. …………… -Maa ki awaaz Kuch zyada hi Mehakti Sardiyon Main Vo Pyali Gud k Sang Milti Tulsi aur Saunf Thandak dur hai rakhti, Subah […]

In Woods For Woods

In cluster of pinewoods pleasant silence was prevailing, can’t fathom the deep peace my heart felt probably It was healing, Whole lot of butterflies wondering everywhere , Ariose chirping reaching out for me was so dear, Awaking the souls of the woods for a new day Without any delay Standing in between those woods wonderin’ […]