COVID Times: Generation C

It all started from 1 day complete lockdown to one month than three and than a life full of restrictions where govt first step was to ensure safety of citizen by breaking the chain and distancing measures to ensure “prevention” as cure takes times to be found out. In crucial times of Covid-19, all ofContinue reading “COVID Times: Generation C”

Ahmiyat (Importance )

One for the sunshine I have- cum-light of our hearts-cum-buddy bhai-cum-Mechanical Engineer😄 Janamdin par tumhare liye Kuch shabd Kuch shabd mujhe kharidne padey Jeevansangini ne tumhare bohat umdaa likhe Isliye mere mujhe Kuch fekey lagey Isliye mujhe Kuch shabd kharidne padey Tumhey detey hue hichkichahat nahi hui Kyun ki behatareen they vo likhey hue LikinContinue reading “Ahmiyat (Importance )”

One From My Book 📖 Day-2

“Better to be hunter than the hunted, Even if you’re hunting for yourself”. This one I read from my Favorite book 📖called” A Monster Calls” By Patrick Ness. What I really think about this quote Becoming that hunter makes us to explore more about ourself, People and life. Somewhat like scuba diving we go deepContinue reading “One From My Book 📖 Day-2”


Kuch Purana sa mujhe yaad aaya…This one is regarding old childhood day’s of mine, while living in small town of a big country called India and now dealing with adulthood days. Wind on her ways touches the land while sweet sunrays were used to fall on earth after being filtered through the branches of trees,canContinue reading “KUCH PURANA SA MUJHE YAAD AAYA”

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