In Woods For Woods

In cluster of pinewoods pleasant silence was prevailing,

can’t fathom the deep peace my heart felt probably

It was healing,

Whole lot of butterflies wondering everywhere ,

Ariose chirping reaching out for me was so dear,

Awaking the souls of the woods for a new day

Without any delay

Standing in between those woods wonderin’

How Bland, are Sun rays those are reachin’

I reached the cliff where rays were creepin’

Majesty Brook holding happiness was flowin’

Open my arms and mild breeze touch my pores

Like tides touching the sea shores,

Calm and composed that moment was,

So divine it was,

Daisy, daffodils in cluster everywhere

Serenity prevails only here

little squirrel was collecting nuts

She can collect but In my life I can’t 😉

Sudden wild winds makes me to rush,

was in need of some wood,

For approaching autumns, some fire wood is good

Approaching wild winds with little rainfall makes me to remind myself how Bland Sun rays hold importance in my life.

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My granny in that big hat,

Glasses on her nose and little fat,

Her Eyes are twinkling stars🌟

Love for her has no bars,

One day ice cream🍦 vendor was yelling on road,

Lanes at that time wasn’t so broad,

I bellow”Granny” from the lane, leaving my pebbles there

I ran towards my home like hare,

She was baffled 😯with my voice,

What happen my dear😦?

Granny! Granny!! Ice cream vendor on the cart,

Spare me a penny he didn’t went so far,

No, Not now

Climbing on her shoulder my sweetest Granny

Sweetie! I am not going to spare you a single penny,

I ran into my room holding a grudge,

Smells delicious, umm my 😄favourite chocolate fudge

Granny,”My little girl come here”

Delicious smell till spills everywhere

Went in the kitchen, Grandpappy give me a nudge,

Lucky girl She prepared for you your favourite chocolate fudge,

My eyes welled up😢 with so much emotions, I embrace granny,

You are the sweetest😍 you know na! Granny,

Climbing on her shoulder,My sweetest Granny

Grandparents are truly sweetest of all the family members. They fill your soul with lots of goodness and love.There experiences empowers our thoughts. Truly earth angels they are😊

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Dharaa ki Roshini

Kuch pal dur he sahi ujala Hai to Magar,

Kathin bhi hai,lambi bhi, Zindagi ki Dagar,

Ugatey Suraj ki lalima, Jeevan ujjwal karti hai,

Toh Dharaa bahein faila us jeevan Ko samait leti hai,

Dharaa pe pushp khil jatey Hain,

Suraj ki kiranon se jab mil jaatey Hain,

Rang Dharaa ke aur bhi roshan ho jaatey Hain,

Jab chand ki roshini se Nisha aur Dharaa ujjwal ho jaatey Hain,

Yunh toh Nisha ki pass sitare hain,

Magar Dharaa apne jugnuon se khush hai,

khush hai ki Vo jeetey jagtey hain,

Dilchasp kissey sunatey hain,

Kabhi pass hotey hain, Kabhi dur hotey hain,

Paida he roshan honey ki liye hotey hain,

Khud ujjala ban apni jeevan Dagar roshan karte hain,

Andhera kitna bhi ho Mayoos nahi hotey,

Sitare toh bas muskuratey hain,

Par Dharaa ke jugnun dilchasp kissey sunate hain,

Jeevan ki raah batlatey hain.

There is light some moments far, quite intricate and long paths of life are . Dawning provokes new energy and light in life that earth embrace with open arms.Flowers begin to bloom when sun rays come to meet them.Colours of earth become more bright when moon light makes night and earth illuminating. Though nights have stars for her illumination but earth is happy with her fire flies, as they are living beings and told interesting stories to her.Some times they are far, sometimes they are near.They are born to illuminate. Become light of their own life and enlightens their own path.They never got ditrude/disheartened knowing how dark the night is. Stars just smiles but fireflies they illuminate their path of life and told vivid, interesting stories to earth that makes them light of earth ( Dharaa ki roshini)😊

I am truly fond of firelies, this is just a reflection of that….Unable to catch them but surely I can jott down my fondness about them. What you guys are fond of do comment below😊

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Ever seen those flowers blooming with grace

Embellish earth with their presence, pop-up at anyplace

Whether blooming on land

Or on the marshy lowland

In forests or on the hills

Their own kind of beauty spills

Differ in their fragrance

Differ in their shape and colour

Their existence to other didn’t bother

Bee’s and butterflies are buzzing around them

Crickets are playing around them

They didn’t differ

Bear sweet fragrance and smiles

Even sunlight to them didn’t differ

So, why Humans Discriminate

Races,Colors, language let them to differentiate

If Almighty didn’t, why we initiate

Are Harrased and mocked, is it appropriate

Though we are from different places

May be different in our races

But Almighty put the same fragrance

Love and peace is my reference

Let us live like Bunch of flowers

Tied with string of love, not letting differentiation hovers

Like flowers we are so different but we need to learn that these differences marks our beauty and it is not the basis of discrimination. We need to nourish ourself with love, respect and peace and let other flowers (people) and peace is something that Almighty lays in us.

Peace. Love. Happiness.

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Our life is a circus full of people, some beside us and some in front of us, embellished with lots of colors. Like roller coaster rides we also have ups and down in life. Happy at height and gloomy at depth.

Being in circus of life

Like acrobat we have to strive

Practicing the same stunt

For treasure of life we are on hunt

Same the move, same the acrobat

But Imperfection doesn’t last

Embellished with lots of lights so bright

We have to choose which one is right

Neither the one too flashy

Nor the one so dim

The one which is constant

And life relevant

Start every day with a smile

Till night we able to walk life’s few miles

So many colors in this circus we observe

But few we able to hold tight and able to preserve

We have to sign life’s deed

Ticket of strength, courage, patience and will is in need

On ferris wheel of life,We see happy days at height

Gloomy day at depth let us hold hand tight

Like our favourite marie-go-round

For our aims we strive & our endeavours takes so many rounds

In between those ride we able to see the show

Stages are shared, New acts of life lined up in row

We share stories, laughter, tears and magic

Balancing our breath rope

Life is better at every stage we hope

Being the master, we take decision

Wrong some times like fall season

Sometimes the perfect like magic without reason

Imperfections become the matter of past

With every experience we become better version of us at last

Circus of life isn’t about the perfection, it is about how being Imperfect you take right decision in life with every fall and leads towards perfection while juggling with all that life throws at you. With all my Imperfections and hope for perfection I sum up my post here.

Committing mistakes is like some thing new there is a flow in Imperfection whereas perfection stand still😁 . As only Imperfection holds room for perfection or I say a fertile surface that let perfection grow.

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I Hope…

Belittling words that you pour

Making our relationship sour

Happiness jumps out of my heart

Glee in my eyes reducing in parts

Belittling words you pour

Let my small soft corner hatred grow

You keep hauling with your remarks

Makes my heart being chased by sharks

Your Negligence makes it bleed

I hope one day you pay some heed

Kept your belongings with so much care

And how much you are dear to me you aren’t aware

Don’t know where am I wrong

I didn’t see your perky smile so long

Discuss whatever you feel with each other let “happiness and joy” only to prevail in your relationship with whomsoever it is… Don’t let the Bad phase of life intervene in your bond . Don’t poke it really hurts let your words be the comforters for the one who are in blue.

Live. Love. Matter

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Birthday Present

It was my birthday

Candles were illuminating with gay

Surrounded with people, celebration was there

Missing someone who wasn’t here

Celebration was in hall

There was arrangement for ball

Everybody was wishing,flashing their style

And I can’t see you even from a mile

Celebration was started, songs were played

Everyone was enjoying & my joy was delayed

Flowers and blessings, cake was there

Hey ! Bella I am here

Knock on the side window in the nook

I heard a voice like a majesty Brook

You are late don’t you think

Please! Let me in or I fall in a blink

I let him in with my angry red face

Sorry I was jam packed,hearing him standing

still at my place

Than he handed me A jar named “lies”

When I open that , surprise was

emerging called fire flies

I told him most beautiful present it was

I was collecting them after our class

Joy of tears come out

These are more precious don’t let them out…

Sometimes our joy and happiness resides in small special expressions that our dear ones present us and we cherished them forever 😊

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Most Difficult thing we encounter in life is change, some people easily accept changes with open arms but everybody can’t accept them right away. All it takes lots of time and strength. This verse (shalok) describe very well how we need to accept changes in life…

“Tasmad asaktah satatam

Karyam karma samacara

Asakto hy acaran karma

Param apnoti purusah”

Being open to everything and attached to nothing change is the only constant. So, Don’t be attached to your work and keep evolving “

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Apart from achieving so much we humans felt Some times empty. You wonder what the hell I’m doing on this planet . People are engaged in their life and you felt left out. But Hey, that’s the good thing ever happened to you. Actually they leave a space for you. Time to explore! but what? here Question arises. New talent or Passion of yours that you didn’t explore or left at a point of life. A Melody, missing spice in your life, A colour that you misplace in life’s hugger mugger, uncaptured moment you forget, a page you left unread or the fitness goals that awaits your new year resolution (like mine one).But, when I hold those sassy dumbells I felt, Crap! Where were you my fitness goals were waiting for you and from there journey begin. A small step for big goal. As those who fly alone, Have the strongest wings. You never know what a small beginning turn out to be…

A page you left unread

Even spiderman reads So, what are you waiting for go and read those unread climax waiting for you…you never know what that climax bring for you…A new beginning may be and my friend if you didn’t belong to the reading squad; Give a chance and start you journey of reading with these ones, you will thank me later😊

  1. The Alchemist by paulo coelho
  2. Driving Miss Norma (Autobiography) by Tim Bauerschmidt and Ramie liddle
  3. Keepers of the kalachakra (fiction thriller) by Ashwin Sanghi
  4. When breath become air (Memoir/ Autobiography) by Paul kalanithi

Uncaptured Moment

A moment you didn’t realise that may be best captured by you. Yes, here I’m talking about Photography. Nor the DSLR neither SLR would capture a beautiful moment. Pal only your view can capture that moment. Give a chance to your photography skills as well as your view and capture something amazing…

A spice that is missing

Your cooking skills can also spell a cast apart from your gracious looks on everybody’s heart. Sprinkle the magic of spices with your cooking skills and win some hearts. Lots of culinary skill teaching sites are ready for you just give it a go. Just begin a journey from a beginner level, step by step. The link given below offers ample of recipies in few easy steps you can begin from. Though I admit it offers veg recipies but you gonna love this…Apart from Indian recipies it also offers renowned recipies from all over the world. You are just a click away to a epic journey.

A colour that you misplace

Yeah! Here I’m talking about colours. Colours that makes everybody’s life beautiful. There are several ways to express yourself and most wonderful among them is to paint. You have whole lot of colours with which you can explore entirely different side of yours.Apart from a creative skill it increases your thinking skill and helps with depression too. As painting gives new found energy and invokes feelings of pride and accomplishment. So, Guys do invest some time in colours and explore life

Fresh Air

We all deserve a day out or a break from our mundane routine of office, college and household activities. Some Yoga, Dance and some travelling invokes a new energy in us. When we travel we meet new people and grab some aura from them ,something positive and knowledgeable. We feel more energetic like never before and we experience some thing new and adventurous. On one hand where travelling add up new experiences , Dance and yoga gives flexibility and strength to our Body. A Noble Man Once told me” Slim is the new fit” following him is quite difficult thing but Hey, what’s the meaning of goal if it isn’t difficult. So guys time to pull up your socks and soak some thing refreshing.


Last but not the least Learning to play a Musical instrument not only soothes but also calm your thoughts down. It leaves a positive impact upon our memory. Researchers have found that learning to play musical instrument can enhance verbal memory, spatial reasoning and literacy skills. Playing an instrument makes us use both sides of our brain which strengthens memory power..You too have a chance to create something melodious don’t miss☺

So, Guys what are you waiting for…explore and discover something outstanding about yourself. I have pick my investments it’s time for yours… “There is no other big investment than self Investment”. On that note here I’m completing my Sunday Post..I hope you discover more about yourself and feel full of life. May Almighty bless lots of happiness in your life.

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Sunshine I Have😊

Hey! Sunshine 😇this one for you

Long journey of life couldn’t be possible without you

Thank you for being around me

It’s your presence that enlightens I agree

Your consoling ,Comforting words wasn’t the only thing

Your presence turned me into better being…😊

Always I pray for you

No one pick the pieces better than you

Distance never let your shine down

You are the perfect recipie when I frown

We rarely talk about our sunshines but they are the best humans we ever met. Besides being our Mentor, family member, friend or sometimes even a stranger act as a sunshine in our life.In life, we people always encounter one or sometimes more than one sunshine in our life.They hold our hands when skies are grey. They tow us from our life chocking incidents. May be sometimes the rays of our sunshine get strong but turning you into your better version only thing they want . Always there for you when life takes exam. For all the sunshines I met😊.

So, Count your sunshines and do comment how many you have….

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