Embracing & Balancing Parenthood

Embracing parenthood would never been so difficult but this pandemic creates a situation where parenting becomes more a moment of struggle than a moment of blessings & giggles. Balancing Parenthood while working from home becomes a huge task. Only appropriate nutritional food, can’t contribute in overall development of children particularly toddlers for them we need to be there always. Mischievous & fun activities draw their attentions a lot. Taking care of children without letting them embrace their childhood in the absence of glimpse of nature, a long ride, their joyful moments of playing alongside their peers making them feel not only restricted but also somewhere letting their shine of happiness dull and somewhere increase the amt. of stress of working parents as well. Restricted movements and preventive measures increase the struggle of parents multiple times. Our toddlers have ample of backup Ideas to free themselves, so why not we engage with them or engage them in more constructive activities letting them explore more in small space.

Introducing new ideas and activities able to attract their attention and contribute well in developing diff. skills which also kept them away from involving in mischievous activities. Role Play toys, art and craft kits, blocks, play dough, puzzle, Interactive toys, will enhance their motor-skills & learning skills. As much as they explore, it would let them grow faster. Let see how these bunch of goodies help us to bring back little joys in life of our munchkins.

Dramatic play:  These include role play sets like Doctors set, Construction tool set, Kitchen set as it not only play an important role in their emotional quotient development but aware about the role as well as usage of those tools/toys.

Art and Craft kit: These types of kits include colourful papers, glue, how to do it book and other craft material to enhance their ability to create and learn. On the other side children can also go for messy with their colours, now a day’s lot of colouring sets are available which are non- hazardous.

Blocks & Lego’s: Blocks and Lego’s can aids special awareness as well as enhance their logical skills, mathematical skills and new ideas which in turn enhance their mental horizon. 

Puzzles: For Competitive and IQ development puzzles play an active role such as Number Puzzle, Jigsaw Puzzle, putting the blocks etc. It also assists in developing children’s Organising skill.

Musical/Interactive toys: Toys Including Xylophone, musical toys, toy piano and drum etc. enhance their hearing ability as well as ability to identify different sounds.

Play dough: Clay, lime and sand enhance the ability of child to create as they go messy with it and fill them with the enthusiasm to create something new. It also increases their sensory and kinetic abilities.

Picture Books: Picture books with Pictures of alphabets, body-parts, Numbers also aids in learning ability at early stage as new images draw attentions of toddlers.

All of these not only assist in overall development of child but also utilise their energy towards something productive, which also assist parents to keep their children engaged most of the time. This will not only let parents perform their daily routine schedule on time but also able them to work from home with less hustle. After all at the end of the day we want see cheerful faces of our children chirping safely and happily at home.

Do share any fun activities you enjoy with your toddlers, remembering those blissful days, would love to hear from you guys.

Till then take care and stay safe


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Born on October 9, I'm cheerful, happy go lucky person that loves to read book, writing few words and Love to have good conversation with my fellow bloggers. Resides in delhi and trying for becoming a full time writer.

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