meagre rhymes of love …

Hi folks,

Today I’m sharing a master piece or I say majestic work of my favorite poet. Words that struck like meteor shower to me, I hope you guys felt that magic too..

Scribbled Verse

art by banksy

meagre rhymes of love …

This love that has cocooned us, enveloped us,

in the warmth of its comfort,

is a love so rare,
truly a love beyond compare.

The middling years of our lives,

when this world has us jaded,

our love melts away the despair,

banishing the pain, distant and faded.

The feelings I feel for you can never be scribbled on paper with ink,

the sentiments swim free under the placid stillness of the seas,

my heart beating in rhythm with yours,

in orchestral harmony,
our symphony soaring with inexpressible desire,

as I find myself forever drawn to the blazing heat of your inextinguishable fire.

Through desolate moments that morphed into years, tears streaming down the  deserts of lonesome cheeks,

we had given up on love, accepting that it may never glide on the wings of the breeze,

we felt ourselves sinking, thrashed around…

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2 responses to “meagre rhymes of love …”

  1. PERKY says:

    Aapka dhanyavaad hum swikar karte hain aur apka scribble bhi apne pass rakhte hain, abh aapko aur likne hongey, haha. Stay happy and healthy my friend in these Covid Times.

    Peace, Love, Respect and Namastey.


  2. Afzal Moolla says:

    Bahut bahut dhanyavaad and thank you so very much indeed, my respected friend, for choosing to share this scribble. You are as always, very kind and generous. Wishing you well, my friend 🙏🏽

    Liked by 1 person

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