Love happens when

Like an ink I fill life

in you my fountain Pen,

It’s, me the bubbly that jumps in you

You confess that I do,

Like Brightest star you fill my life with so much

Happiness and shine

It’s our 4th and seems perfect red wine

It always your heart I fell for but I think

But was the Pit (dimples)I keep falling in

You took chance and steal my chocolate

But you are the sweetest written in my fate

It’s your hair I drooled over’n’ over

Luminous eyes always like stary night that gaze over

Drenched in your love my heart flare

Yeah! It dazzle and Glare

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Ever seen those flowers blooming with grace

Embellish earth with their presence, pop-up at anyplace

Whether blooming on land

Or on the marshy lowland

In forests or on the hills

Their own kind of beauty spills

Differ in their fragrance

Differ in their shape and colour

Their existence to other didn’t bother

Bee’s and butterflies are buzzing around them

Crickets are playing around them

They didn’t differ

Bear sweet fragrance and smiles

Even sunlight to them didn’t differ

So, why Humans Discriminate

Races,Colors, language let them to differentiate

If Almighty didn’t, why we initiate

Are Harrased and mocked, is it appropriate

Though we are from different places

May be different in our races

But Almighty put the same fragrance

Love and peace is my reference

Let us live like Bunch of flowers

Tied with string of love, not letting differentiation hovers

Like flowers we are so different but we need to learn that these differences marks our beauty and it is not the basis of discrimination. We need to nourish ourself with love, respect and peace and let other flowers (people) and peace is something that Almighty lays in us.

Peace. Love. Happiness.

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Birthday Present

It was my birthday

Candles were illuminating with gay

Surrounded with people, celebration was there

Missing someone who wasn’t here

Celebration was in hall

There was arrangement for ball

Everybody was wishing,flashing their style

And I can’t see you even from a mile

Celebration was started, songs were played

Everyone was enjoying & my joy was delayed

Flowers and blessings, cake was there

Hey ! Bella I am here

Knock on the side window in the nook

I heard a voice like a majesty Brook

You are late don’t you think

Please! Let me in or I fall in a blink

I let him in with my angry red face

Sorry I was jam packed,hearing him standing

still at my place

Than he handed me A jar named “lies”

When I open that , surprise was

emerging called fire flies

I told him most beautiful present it was

I was collecting them after our class

Joy of tears come out

These are more precious don’t let them out…

Sometimes our joy and happiness resides in small special expressions that our dear ones present us and we cherished them forever ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Sunshine I Have๐Ÿ˜Š

Hey! Sunshine ๐Ÿ˜‡this one for you

Long journey of life couldn’t be possible without you

Thank you for being around me

It’s your presence that enlightens I agree

Your consoling ,Comforting words wasn’t the only thing

Your presence turned me into better being…๐Ÿ˜Š

Always I pray for you

No one pick the pieces better than you

Distance never let your shine down

You are the perfect recipie when I frown

We rarely talk about our sunshines but they are the best humans we ever met. Besides being our Mentor, family member, friend or sometimes even a stranger act as a sunshine in our life.In life, we people always encounter one or sometimes more than one sunshine in our life.They hold our hands when skies are grey. They tow us from our life chocking incidents. May be sometimes the rays of our sunshine get strong but turning you into your better version only thing they want . Always there for you when life takes exam. For all the sunshines I met๐Ÿ˜Š.

So, Count your sunshines and do comment how many you have….

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Breach the trust to create a Bond

Day I met you was the high school first day

The ambience was full of joy and gay

First day at high school

Calming myself everything is cool

And than bell goes

Sitting on the first bench , first row

You just banged I realise my heart needs to tow

Those Bright luminous eyes of yours

Were actually the prettiest sun rays that lures

And every body was about to learn

With those lecture my ears were about to burn

But the moment come when

You were answering so fairly

And I was hearing you so dearly

Being nerd isn’t the easiest task

But a coffee was must ask

To discuss not those answers you give

To discuss where that gorgeous smile live

Lots of things I want to know from you

My questions were lining up in que

Down the line after so many years

Losing you counts among my fears

You are my joy and zeal

Nothing you left with me worth to steal

Your feelings were always chivalrous but I wasn’t that bold

That’s the secret I will always hold…

And that was the Susan’s confession to Jonathan after all it was high time for Susan as she was leaving for London tonight…but destiny does wonder it wasn’t only me who heard the confession it was Jonathan too as I set up a conference call.


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