What a good inspiration seems like…

Gazing upon someone be like

Sunflowers gaze upon blue sky

You always feel enlighten

Yours paths seems so brighten

Inspirations that kindles a new enthusiasm and zeal in life. It is a thought that empowers your strengths and shoo! away all your fears. Inspiration need not to be a renowned folk. Sometimes a plain person affect your life and in a while your preview changes. After that you surprise your life and folks around you. As you become better version of yourself. No doubt, endeavours needed to be in a row and have to strive…… but inspiration act like icing sugar and when you bake it with other ingredients called endeavours and strive a delightful surprise you get . That’s how inspiration works. So,never let your single moment of life without getting Inspired. Every colour of life Dreams, beliefs, passion, joy, happiness, love needs them.

So, Always apply gesso of inspiration on life canvas and paint with all colours of life it become and remain beautiful forever

Draw your sword, take up the cudgle.Your dreams and beliefs are worth combat for. Keep rolling and keep inspiring, after all everyone is hero of their life and one or in the other way we inspire each other. Let your words to inspire others…

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Hello Everyone!

Firstly I would like to thanks! for supporting me to begin my journey and my poetical view points. So, It’s the last Sunday of September. Apart from the poetical view of my stories, today I’m jotting down a post . So,many thoughts are prevailing right now but for every adventure there is an empowering thought that strengthens you to take that chance so, today I’m taking mine one.As risk is the only chance to explore your strengths and fear and you never know how it turns out to be.Experience is the one that counts in the end. So, It’s time to explore.

With my new sets of posts, I’m going to explore some more untouched moments of life, people , passion, interests and lot more. So, stay tuned 😊😊

May stars tonight fill your eyes with lots of dreams and shooting stars comes to give you strength to achieve them.

Thank you Everyone!


Being Weed

Pleasant morning it was

Bland Sun rays there was

Arise early for the spring feast

Ah! Today on time atleast

It’s the spring in valley

I took my basket with Gailey

Flowers were so fragile and gorgeous

Those Bright colours make them beauteous

Not only the described type

But I pick weed also I didn’t realise

Near by the river bank, there was cluster of flowers

Walking on trail, I saw four leaf clovers

It’s lucky you see

When I pluck them my eyes filled with glee

Basket was full of flowers

And yes, that lucky clover

Oh! no there’re weeds so much

Can’t able to get money for such

It’s the clover I think

Weeds in lots sold in blink

I got to know those were medicinal ones

I got 50 bucks for every one

Really it’s the time for feast

From today until next week, I have a meal at least

But from that day I started gathering those weed

And sold to the same doctor who was earlier in need

It’s never the known that always create magic

Sometimes weeds too heals the tragic…

Life here gives the lesson “It’s the magic in you that works and only matter”

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I met a girl, with glee in her eyes

Sitting in garden with butterflies

I’m picking flowers for my mum’s birthday she said…

Come out early morning..

Even daddy give me warning

Was like a dew drop a beautiful pearl

Your mumma would be worried little girl

Love knows no boundary

But I’m her little girl

She was picking flowers so dearly

Love for mother was reflecting so clearly

She pick white and yellow

Then I heard a bellow

Hurriedly she tied bunch with string

And said you know mumma was born in spring

All in that I able to see a little smile

Then I saw a waving hand from a mile

Picking here flowers for ‘her’

Daddy, what you brought for ‘her’

Lots of love and a cake

In morning, that I bake

But mumma loves you more he told

Somewhat in his eyes appeared cold

She will love to see you ,come with us just a mile

And I can’t resist that lovely smile

Nearby graveyard it was

Lady was laying in peace and heartbroken I was

All I said girl you are adorable and brave

When little one puts flowers on her mother’s grave.

“Mother’s hold hand of their child for a short while but hearts forever

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Somewhat Melodious

I got to know your flight was late. Because of rain it was, replied after taking a bite from his plate.

About to bore my flight, was waiting inside

It was raining

And droplets were dancing outside

Flight was late for that reason

Though it wasn’t the monsoon season

Tuned to my favourite song

And was trying to sing along

To hear that melodious voice over again

I shun all my thoughts of my brain

Rain and dance I miss that chance

Lined up conference was its penance

Drops were dancing

And my innerself was romancing

For a while I close my eyes

Turned all truths into beautiful lies

I picture myself listening him live

In that ariose voice I took a dive

Calm and composed that moment was

Didn’t realise where I was

Ma’am we are getting late, please see the clock

That was my new collegue, Nice bloke

I open my eyes same rain it was

Didn’t realise when that moment pass

I tap my music player off

As flight was about to take off…

πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ You are weird and too dreamy sometimes..

And you remind me that most of the timesπŸ˜„

“Most melodious line it was”

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Beautiful Emotions

Emotions that are felt so deeply

That let us become tender and strong timely

Meant to be treasured forever

Become less, become more

For someone who really care

For some one who isn’t aware

For someone who care less

But who felt these emotions are truly bless

Emotions are always there but with every passing moment it fluctuates

Chaos creates

Does these emotions are truly meant to be felt

Some emotions were cheated

Some emotions weren’t reciprocated

At that moment it fluctuates

Less or more every passing moments shape them for one

When emotions are stepped upon were crushed and time sweeps them away

Like dry mortal leaves upon earth that air sweeps away

But when someone treasure them , water them with care, love and understanding , no room left for gloom

Emotions bloom

blooms in the Orchard called heart, Like beautiful flower with grace

Bestow respect and embrace!

When two Givers indulge in connection it’s like magic. It’s alchemy. I water you, you water me, we never drain each other. we just grow”

~ Billy chapata

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Breach the trust to create a Bond

Day I met you was the high school first day

The ambience was full of joy and gay

First day at high school

Calming myself everything is cool

And than bell goes

Sitting on the first bench , first row

You just banged I realise my heart needs to tow

Those Bright luminous eyes of yours

Were actually the prettiest sun rays that lures

And every body was about to learn

With those lecture my ears were about to burn

But the moment come when

You were answering so fairly

And I was hearing you so dearly

Being nerd isn’t the easiest task

But a coffee was must ask

To discuss not those answers you give

To discuss where that gorgeous smile live

Lots of things I want to know from you

My questions were lining up in que

Down the line after so many years

Losing you counts among my fears

You are my joy and zeal

Nothing you left with me worth to steal

Your feelings were always chivalrous but I wasn’t that bold

That’s the secret I will always hold…

And that was the Susan’s confession to Jonathan after all it was high time for Susan as she was leaving for London tonight…but destiny does wonder it wasn’t only me who heard the confession it was Jonathan too as I set up a conference call.


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Dawn of success

Its the dawn, I run under the blue sky

When there was none to pry

Sweat it was drippin’

Sunshine that was slowly creepin’

Slowly, slowly creepin’ rays of sun

Making me feel, I will be able to complete the run

Rays were slow, but the sun was on its full glow

For sure I’m slow but me and my endeavours are in a row

To the destiny that does wonder

Makes me sometimes to ponder

You pick the less trodden

What would be the next laiden

Than I see the text

Which was on the turn next


Explore your strength it’s the time

As the wind make know the windchime

You’re strong, You’re melodious, You’re full of life

It’s all upon you’re strength and strive

In ample for you to outshine

Just I count one to nine

And tiresome muscle of mine

Was about to whine

But I didn’t let it to do so

Because I say yes to strive and box I left says ‘no’

No to fear, no to tear

It’s the time to cheer and success to peer

It’s the dawn I see , more endeavours are needed I agree

Rays were creepin’ from the tree, I pull up my socks and sets my dreams free

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Friendship that gives different meaning to life may be a worst mistake, a lesson, a relation or sometimes become a bond of life time. From sharing tiffin to copy the answere sheet, from bitching about same professor or mate to praising the favorite one. From picnic and adventures to test and final exam in all those moments we actually live a lot of time than spending because we always hold those moments tight forever in our Heart. A person called friend, BFF, Buddy or sometimes we call them from the nick name we love to. Less or more we start knowing each other. A family outside the family but some time words clicked.
“Friend in need is friend indeed”

Just a line could really sum up all the moments we live? Nay, the one who can show the path of life trodden or less trodden holding your hand is the one. The one who can heal with warm hug and comforting words that really seals the deal.


Friendship that I feel not truly, not immensely but just a warm hug I need

Those comforting words that sets you free

Are like a sip of coffee I agree

That’s the moment when friendship seals the deal

Never felt sorry or beg pardon

We correct each other

Like own mistake another

You are here I needn’t to bother

I got your back, you got my back

Needn’t to remember my blessings lack

Love, pain, fun, joy, zeal you are full of these my emotional sack…..

And that’s how friendship truly and immensely seals the deal.

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A journey of life where we met people ,went through lots of emotions, read books, met expectations and inspirations, hear melodies and Experience lessons of life.Expressing that journey with those luminous, tiny combination of alphabets called Words and avoiding that little demon called flashing cursor is like allowing the lights to enter from the cracks and jotting it down illuminates whatever you want to feel and felt whole heartedly.

Jotting down turns out to be light

It’s moment when feelings shines bright

Inspirations holds you tight and you feel so right

I hold them tight, I rehearse , I mumble but finally I realease them to surf on…

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