Love happens when Like an ink I fill life in you my fountain Pen, It’s, me the bubbly that jumps in you You confess that I do, Like Brightest star you fill my life with so much Happiness and shine It’s our 4th and seems perfect red wine It always your heart I fell for […]


My granny in that big hat, Glasses on her nose and little fat, Her Eyes are twinkling stars🌟 Love for her has no bars, One day ice cream🍦 vendor was yelling on road, Lanes at that time wasn’t so broad, I bellow”Granny” from the lane, leaving my pebbles there I ran towards my home like […]

Birthday Present

It was my birthday Candles were illuminating with gay Surrounded with people, celebration was there Missing someone who wasn’t here Celebration was in hall There was arrangement for ball Everybody was wishing,flashing their style And I can’t see you even from a mile Celebration was started, songs were played Everyone was enjoying & my joy […]

Somewhat Melodious

I got to know your flight was late. Because of rain it was, replied after taking a bite from his plate. About to bore my flight, was waiting inside It was raining And droplets were dancing outside Flight was late for that reason Though it wasn’t the monsoon season Tuned to my favourite song And […]