One From My Book πŸ“– Day-2

Better to be hunter than the hunted, Even if you’re hunting for yourself”.

This one I read from my Favorite book πŸ“–called” A Monster Calls” By Patrick Ness.

What I really think about this quote

Becoming that hunter makes us to explore more about ourself, People and life. Somewhat like scuba diving we go deep down and explore. Explore fear, depth, darkness, different beings, feeling those rays which fall upon ourself. Life is all about becoming new wave with every passing tide. As tides are Intractions and waves are formed. Becoming a new wave we explore life and live our life with new vision,Moments pass like ripples . But We are always thankful to that wave that knowingly, Unknowingly Boost our morale and clear our vision to move further in life. At some point of time taking those big steps makes you freeze, Even we put step forward to rise and raise ourself but we regret some times because emotions ‘n’ Thoughts are in the state of war but still instead of hunted we have to be hunter.

What’s your take, don’t forget to share…love to hear them from you.

Till then Take Care😊


Published by PERKY

Born on October 9, I'm cheerful, happy go lucky person that loves to read book, writing few words and Love to have good conversation with my fellow bloggers. Resides in delhi and trying for becoming a full time writer.

14 thoughts on “One From My Book πŸ“– Day-2

  1. Hello Perky, Wonderful interpretation of the quote.
    Your sentence’because emotions β€˜n’ Thoughts are in the state of war but still instead of hunted we have to be hunter’ tells ,how we have to be strong to overcome these tensions and emotions.Great analysis Love the way you put it Thank you.

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