Daddy’s love

Darling Daughter, I have never heard single world of praise from you. Dear Daddy you aren’t meant for praise, you are meant for love. Holding your love in one hand and a diamond in another. Your warmth always enclose by heart. Dad diamond would be sold in misery and left me empty handed but your love always remain by my side. Your care and Love increases and it always remains with me. All your thoughts, Sacraments you pass on,care you shower, laughter you share. Fairs I see on your shoulders…Holding my hand in Hardships and tough times. Even my respect and Love sometimes, I think wouldn’t payback.

From learning tables and Rhymes,

to my tough times,

thanks would be a small word

You always touch the right cord

Your love dazzle my world

Holding my hand in this cruel world

Making me realise, I’m the most adorable

Your love for me is pure and only affordable

Sometimes we really do miss those laughter and Love being growing and moving ahead in life.

Thanks for stopping by and reading 😊


Published by PERKY

Born on October 9, I'm cheerful, happy go lucky person that loves to read book, writing few words and Love to have good conversation with my fellow bloggers. Resides in delhi and trying for becoming a full time writer.

32 thoughts on “Daddy’s love

  1. Hello I noticed you stopped by my blog and left a like. I wanted to come visit you and see what you are doing over here. I love this sweet poem. Daddy and daughters have such a wonderfully sweet bond. I love it! ❤

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    1. Dear kavitha it is sad to hear, but from heaven he’s always seeing you just be on your journey .. and just keep loving and doing all those acts somewhere it soothes heart…that’s what I’m keep doing after losing my mumma….Always be their girl

      Peace and Love always pal ✌


    1. Thanks for stopping by dear means alot.😊 It’s the string of attachment and pearls of love that define relationship with my dad much beautifully but food that I cook for him means more than words sometimes…but still acceptance of my small act of love means to me😊

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