Kuch Purana sa mujhe yaad aaya…This one is regarding old childhood day’s of mine, while living in small town of a big country called India and now dealing with adulthood days.

Wind on her ways touches the land while sweet sunrays were used to fall on earth after being filtered through the branches of trees,can feel beautiful sunlight but even felt that dampness around trees. Few days back summer holidays were started but still those branches are barren, swings that were put upon those branches are lost some where. Hullabaloo of kids while stealing mangoes from orchard are lost somewhere. Gardner lying somewhere lazily, there was an era when he use to run after those running kids. But now those kids become adults and running towards their life goals. Today is off from office , time to see a cricket match on Television with buddies. It’s off ,time to go for shopping with my girlfriends..A beautiful saree (Indian traditional women garment). In search of big goals, achievements we come so far that small happiness become mere a nostalgia now.Merriment with friends, trails of fields, Mango Orchards and that playfield; still hold all my thoughts and Memories😊

Hawa Vo zameen Ko chutti hai

Bhini se dhoop daliyon se chanti hai

Nazar aati hai Suraj ki vo roshini

Magar Pedon ki Thandak bhi mehsoos hoti hai

Chand roz pehle hi garmiyon ki chuttiyan hui hai

Par fir bhi ab ped Khali Khali se hain

Shor machatey kachey aam churatey vo bachey

aaj kahin gum hai

Mali kaka aab sust hain Kabhi kisi zamaaney main vo

Un bachchon ke pichey bhagtey they aaj vo bachey apni

Apni Zindagi ke pichey bhagtey hai

Aaj daftar se chutti hai ghar par aaram se doston

ki sang cricket match dekhoonga

Aaj daftar se chutti hai saheli sang aaj koi nai saree khareedongi

Badi Badi khushiyan dhoondtey dhoondtey hum dur nikal aaye

Chotti chotti khushiyon ki toh bas Abh yaadein hain

Doston ki saath Vo hasee theetholi kheton ke mandeer,

Aam ka bageecha vo kheel ka maidan

Aaj bhi mere Khayalon sametey hue hai

Yaadon Ko mere aaj bhi sanjoye hue hai😊

Thanks for stopping by and reading 😊


Published by PERKY

Born on October 9, I'm cheerful, happy go lucky person that loves to read book, writing few words and Love to have good conversation with my fellow bloggers. Resides in delhi and trying for becoming a full time writer.


    1. Good Afternoon Ilona, Thank you so much for stopping by and love to hear your views. Always love your Post with your sweet smiling Pic. Keep blogging and showering your kind views.

      Peace and Love always pal 😊

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  1. You are right pal time flies and our little fun moments become big memories and I really miss my bycycle and cycling days😳 ..
    Let’s hope for more fun moment to cherish

    Aur dost hindi toh aaj bhi har dil Ko chutti hai😊

    Dhanyavaad yunhi vichar vyakt karte raheyega😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was so beautiful… Even I miss playing cricket with my childhood friends so much(we left that place) but now rarely I step out of my house😭
    And this post shows Hindi feels much better than angreziπŸ˜‚β€οΈ

    Liked by 1 person

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